5264 Lake St. • P.O. Box 456 • Sandy Lake, PA 16145

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Clinch-Tite Pallets & Packaging Products

Clinch-Tite was founded in 1955. The "Clinch-Tite" name was derived from an acquired Swedish Patented Pallet Technology ("Clinch-Lok"). Pallets were manufactured by sub-contractors between the years of 1955-1958.

Clinch-Tite pallet manufacturing began at our Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania location in 1958. Wooden pallets and containers were the sole manufactured items until 1986. Clinch-Tite diversified into all forms of packaging materials and equipment in 1986.

Made in the USA


Clinch-Tite pallets and packaging products are proudly Made in the USA!

Close Out Items

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